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Don't Let Me Fall

Don't Let Me Fall

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ahhh this man was a dreamboat. And ya he let Logan date Ashlyn knowing hes cheating but then he also gave him an ultimatum so would come clean cause he couldnt see her in pain anymore. Gorgeous, though she has no idea. Smart. She takes the time to tutor other students without making them feel stupid for it. And loyal as shit. Logan might not care if you talk to her ‘cause he knows you’d never do anything, and you like to be an ass. But, Ash? She’ll let you know you’re barking up the wrong tree if she doesn’t like your attention.”

Even though I have not enjoyed this book, I am not bashing on anyone else who enjoyed it. Please don’t read this if you’ll take it personally/get offended. There is also a bit of hypocrisy in relation to cheating rules, IN MY OPINION. Logan of course is an asshole. This man can go sleep on a dumpster. But Ash isn’t so innocent as well. She clearly had her eye set on Colt from the very beginning. She was with Logan and just thinking about Colt. Colt. Thorne. Mind you she even orgasmed thinking about him. She just couldn’t stop thinking about him, could she? She even gets jealous of Colt while in a relationship with Logan. This goes on for Merlin knows how long, and I believe it to be sort of emotional cheating. She claims she’s not a cheater because she didn’t physically cheat. Each to their own, I suppose. Ashlyn is super annoying. From the beginning, she’s basically admitting that there’s no spark/connection with Logan anymore, and she feels more for Colt in the first two moments she speaks to him than she ever did for Logan in their years long relationship. Also, she’s completely ignoring the red flags, but still wants to make it work with Logan because she prides herself on being loyal. Like just break up with him, you’re not emotionally invested in him. (Also her thinking about Colt while having sex with Logan… emotional cheating right there). Logan unfortunately is not the loyal type, and it soon becomes clear to Colt that despite having a girlfriend, Logan likes to play the field. His girlfriend Ash is very much unaware, and it’s only when her and Colt start spending more time around each other does she start to suspect and put two and two together. also didnt like it when she got jealous of Colton and her roommate (the second time). Shes the reason they had to be there in the first place and she knows that its fake (and for a good reason). Colton bby was so understanding about it but still.The h gets mad and jealous (yet apparently knows she shouldn’t) for a man she knows NOTHING about. When their tutoring session started, they had their first real conversation (without Colt’s continuously smirking) and I thought “yes! We’ll see a bit of their friendship build?”. Nope. Apparently these go from strangers, to strangers in a complicated situation with apparently a lot of chemistry although they haven’t spoken to each other, to screwing around to we’ve always been in love. The END.

how she constantly kept getting jealous and stuff for mia and colt, even when she's supposed to be loyal to logan, and kept giving them both shit about it even if colt did it out of his good heart. like how come a person doesn't know their partner is cheating on them, she only understood that logan was cheating on her AFTER he sent her a breakup message like bffr rn. I feel like we also didn’t get a clear foundation of ash’s and Logan’s relationship. We knew Logan was cheating because of the dual POV and it was easy to guess from his excuses of “work meetings”, but it went from “we’ve been in a very happy relationship since first year” to “this relationship isn’t working” (and this was only because she had tension with Colt) to “Logan has always been a terrible boyfriend”. Just found it a bit confusing. Again, Logan is in fact an arse. No discussion obviously.You’re his best friend, Colt. Can you imagine what he would do or how he would act if he found out we hooked up? Especially when he knows I’ve only ever been with him until today? He’d be pissed––” You lost her because you refused to treat her the way she deserves. That’s on you. Not me. And now that she’s mine, there is nothing that will take her away from me. Nothing. Do you understand me? And if you don’t keep your bruised ego out of our relationship, I’ll ruin your pretty little face beyond repair. We clear?” I was excited to read this book because I followed the author on tiktok and accompanied some of the writing process. But I am extremely disappointed with the outcome. It has every trope I despise: not like other girls; slut shaming; love at first sight (kind of was); mention of social media (hemhem tiktok) and very messy plot line. Only part of the book I slightly enjoyed was the surprise that Colt is actually a bit of a sweet boyfriend. There isn’t any miscommunication or third act breakup, which I LOVED. But there wasn’t any plot. The climax was the very end of the book, and we didn’t get any resolution or epilogue. I felt like it just ended. I wanted more from this book.

YOU NEVER SAY THE OTHER PERSON'S INSECURITIES AND FAILURES EVEN IF YOURE TOO ANGRY AT THEM, it just shows how you've been raised up, tho ive no doubt seeing her parents aren't that stable themselves either, but no it's his decision anyway why are you getting in between. i know that this is a fictional book and not necessarily representative of the author's own views, and i know that men talk about women like this in real life, but it's still irritating. i doubt that ANYONE reading a romance book like this is doing so for their daily dose of realistic misogyny. Ash kept getting angry that colt was FAKE dating her best friend to help protect Mia from the abusive ex-bf. Yet mia told Ash that if she wanted to date colt she just had to say so and Mia would end the fake relationship? Like it’s your fault that you don’t want to be publicly dating him so why are you getting angry about a FAKE relationship that you know about??? when she and Colton finally did the devils tango, she was very selfish and victimy. After she f-ed him she says she just wants something casual nothing serious. (Coudve said that before you f-ed him and then broke his heart) and don’t bring up your ex after sex.

Story line 0/5- wish the author didn’t drag the story. She could have focused on the trust issues Ash had after her breakup and try to make a character arch for her. The story felt like the author was running to the finish line and trying to tell us how in love the couple is. Nothing was built up. Nothing. By the time they got together I didn’t even realise “a couple of months” supposedly passed from the first time they met. Yes, it was THAT uneventful. h had sex with boyfriend and H could hear it (they weren’t together at the time) but h was thinking of him I get that its hard to believe that the “love of your life” I might be cheating on you, but it sounded like her entire relationship (esp the last 6 months) she was settling for such mediocre presence. i hated the fmc, why is ashlyn a fmc, she doesn't deserve to be one and she certainly doesn't deserve colt.

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