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Ghost Eaters: A Novel

Ghost Eaters: A Novel

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Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you but my goodness, this was such a unique twist when it comes to ghosts and well, being haunted. Yes, I most certainly would, and I'll most definitely be keeping an eye out for future work from Clay McLeod Chapman.

It serves as the perfect way to set the scene and illustrate the dynamics between the members of the group and almost kind of foreshadow some of the ways they’re going to come into play in the rest of the book. However, unbeknownst to Erin this drug has unimaginable side effects and you can’t come back from it. The proprietor proceeds to tell the tale of Vasili Oukranikov, a Russian immigrant who built a home in the woods. I did have some quibbles - I thought some of the threads of historical ghosts, or those belonging to the people who go overlooked when violence happens to them, needed further exploring, more attention.However, I didn't feel the connection between Erin's need to see Silas and her descent into addiction was clear enough because homegirl wasn't even talking to Silas half the time, she's was just chasing some furry ghost baby around the trap house. I'm not entirely sure how to make a ghost troop but I think here is also a good place to make it relevant again. Yet, even though I know he did an exceptional job with the tone of the story, it was a noise I didn’t enjoy. I closed my eyes, remembering where I had last tasted this liquor, remembering back across the years, remembering how steady the hand had been that held out the cup to me, and how desperate the circumstances. Four friends, Erin, Silas, Amara and Tobias are college friends trying to find direction on life after school, Silas is an addict who Erin is unable to say no too, she has bailed him out too many times.

Unfortunately about at about the halfway mark this one veered towards more of a sci-fi feel than necessarily horror (or at least my kind of horror), what with the mushrooms and everything, and I almost had to force myself to finish this one once it went down that path. Took almost 40% of the book to get to the first seance, which is the big hook of the synopsis so wtf? We went sightseeing, in the afternoon and found the Keni or Ghost Eater statue that guards the Kagbeni North Gate. Inside is a kindly old man with a limp who offers him dinner, yet doesn't eat his meal alongside the narrator. Including one that gives you the ability to unhinge your jaw and bite every ghost in 30 feet of you, all at once.It is the perfect metaphor for addiction, and while the ghosts are truly and incredibly scary, so is watching Erin completely wreck her life in the course of days, as well as seeing the other Ghost addicts as they spiral all in hopes of seeing a lost loved one again (a woman whose child died of SIDS was especially heartbreaking). But we also get a great foundation for why Erin is feeling this way over a man who was, by all accounts as seen in this story, kind of a selfish asshole, and the empathy he draws for her in her actions and also, somewhat, for him, makes it all the sadder and therefore all the scarier. In the aftermath, he asked Bakhos to teach him his way of war, to assist him in uniting the tribes under his leadership, somewhat intrigued, he agreed, giving him Chaell, the warrior he had saved as a teacher. The opening scene of a séance inside a mausoleum at a cemetery gave me an atmospheric, spooky vibe, grabbing my attention immediately. So as more and more ghosts close in and she takes more and more Ghost in hopes of it finally being Silas, the tension builds and builds until it snaps, and boy oh BOY does it snap.

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