Sciarid Fly Nematodes Fungus Gnat Compost Fly Organic Natural Killer Treatment Treats 12.sqm

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Sciarid Fly Nematodes Fungus Gnat Compost Fly Organic Natural Killer Treatment Treats 12.sqm

Sciarid Fly Nematodes Fungus Gnat Compost Fly Organic Natural Killer Treatment Treats 12.sqm

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The Dragonfli House Plant Care Bundle combines products that boost the overall health and growth of your house plants whilst also aiding them in battles against pests and diseases. Fungus gnats are attracted to moist soil and dark, humid environments, so they're a common houseplant pest. Fungus gnats are a common and widespread greenhouse pest with cultural, physical, biological and chemical control options that readily lend themselves to IPM programs.

We offer a 10m 2 kit containing both the nematodes and yellow sticky traps, or a 20m 2 pack size depending on the area you need to treat. Maintain moist soil conditions for not less than two weeks after treatment (to ensure a favourable environment for the second generation). Utilise these predators in combination with your Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes for the complete protection against Fungus Fly infestation.The House Plant Mister/Sprayer included in this bundle is the very tool required for the latter application process. Our House Plant Care Bundle also includes a free House Plant Mister which can be used to apply House Plant Boost, or simply to mist your plants and improve humidity levels. They’re no more harmful to you than the live pest already in your house (or garden), and should freak you out a great deal less than inviting a chemical into your house, which is a lot more toxic and longer-lasting.

Fungus gnat flies are black or gray in color with clear wings, relatively small (3-4 mm) in size and commonly associated with compost and natural soils with high organic contents. So my question is - can I use this on all of the other plants I have in the same room, regardless of if they have a gnat infestation? indica LN2 strain and Steinernema feltiae UK strain have a potential to use as biocontrol agents against fungus gnats. Lack of awareness: many gardeners simply aren't aware of nematodes, the benefits of using them, that they're much safer to use than chemical controls, and how to use them correctly. Hatched larvae feed on a variety of organic matter: decaying material in the media, fungi, or root hairs.

Like all beneficial insects, you can be sure that they’ll dine only on your garden’s pests and won’t harm the good bugs or your plants. Steinernema feltiae nematodes are natural predators of ants and ants will move their nest once predators move in. They can move through the soil to hunt them down, and multiply by themselves until all the larvae are dead. If there are many adult flies, then you will need to remain patient for 2 to 3 weeks for all of the larvae to become infected and die off.

S. feltiae can be used as a stand-alone control option, in combination with other BCAs such as Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, Hypoaspis aculeifer, H. Damp conditions and organic plant matter will provide an ideal breeding ground for the larvae, which will feed on plant roots causing damping off and seedling collapse. This is due to the vast majority of live products, hardware and seed items being sent out from separate warehouses and the costs involved.Beneficial nematodes for fungus gnats allow the issue to be solved at the source as the fungus gnat larvae are eliminated by the nematode once it’s released by the adults. When using as a curative treatment for an existing problem, best results are obtained by two separate applications 10-14 days apart. Fungus Fly Killer contains nematodes that kill Fungus Fly larvae (sometimes known as Sciarids) in the compost of house plants. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE BENEFICIAL NEMATODES IF THE WATER SOURCE AVAILABLE IS TOO COLD OR NIGHTS HAVE BEEN GETTING COLD, OR THE DAYS TOO HOT? I bought some killer spray that explicitly said to use it on the leaves and so I ignored that advice and sprayed a little on the soil (of all my plants) out of frustration.

It is important to remove all filters or screens (50 mesh or finer) in any spray lines so that the nematodes can pass through unimpeded and undamaged. Make sure that you shake or otherwise agitate the solution every couple of minutes to aerate the solution and stop the nematodes settling to the bottom. Some nematode species will predate on several different insect pests, whilst some only attack one pest. As long as you regularly water the soil over the 2 week treatment period as per the instructions, the nematodes will be able to travel through the soil. If you were to squeeze the pot 1 or 2 drops of water would come out, so not waterlogged but not dry.

Apply your Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes when damage to plants is observed or when Fungus Fly activity has been observed. For the mini yellow sticky traps, simply place them in the soil around your plants using the wooden stand holder provided. and other compost / soil living pests such as larvae / pupae where nematodes can enter the host body. Plant Parasitic Nematodes have a stylet or spear at their head end, rather like a hypodermic syringe, which is used to pierce plant cells and then suck out fluids from within the cells.

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