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Alone With You in the Ether

Alone With You in the Ether

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Marisa Silver's protagonists reflect on a variety of life issues--divorce, grandparenthood, depression--from a uniquely not-quite-middle-aged female perspective. The writing is predominantly excellent, with a lovely subtlety to it; Silver can extend a theme without hitting the reader over the head with it. The themes of sex, love and death have universal appeal. The abrupt endings with their notes of commencement feel so deliberately crafted as to make me think the author has really studied the American Short Story, but at least the conclusions aren't predictable, and each tale leaves the reader with something to think about. But that’s what everybody says, of course,” the man said. Vivian could hear the tension in his voice. He must have stood up at that point because as he continued his voice grew distant and full of air. “You must hear stupid, obvious things like that every day,” he said. “ ‘We have a lot of love to give.’ It’s probably meaningless to you. But what else can we say? We want a child. We have enough money to offer a child a good life, all the advantages. We’re decent people with decent values. But it feels like we’re paying the price for some biological glitch we have no control over.” Gary’s perfection hurt Burton in a physical way. He felt as he did when he watched a theorem unfold seamlessly, the sheer elegance of it almost painful to witness because is presence in the world threw into high relief the incomprehensible mess of his life. But, the absolute best character I think in this novel is Marianne. I think she delivers so much more depth to this piece. She’s funny and whip-smart and provides depth and insight not only to the protagonist, Eloise, but also to the reader. She also adds this fun 70s - Fleetwood Mac vibe to the whole book which is a whole other level of fun. After making her career in Hollywood, she switched her profession and entered graduate school to become a short story writer. Her first short story appeared in The New Yorker magazine in 2000 and subsequently several more stories have been published there.

In the New World" a Polish immigrant to the U.S. and owner of a small construction company has problems negotiating relationships with his well-to-do clients and with his teenage son who has gotten a girl pregnant. Anticipating his son’s future reactions to unfolding events, he dips into the past, remembers his relationship with own father, his father’s grief at losing three other children, and understands the universality of parental fear for one’s children. You really think community service”—I don’t bother hiding the derision in my voice—“will help my application stand out?” I stare at the handout so intently, I’m amazed it doesn’t burst into flames. i can’t even put into words how much i not only loved this book but connected to it. olivie puts into words the thoughts and feelings i feel that i myself can’t find the words for. how tf can someone write something so captivating?!? From Olivie Blake, the New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six, comes a literary, intimate study of time, space, and the nature of love. Alone with You in the Ether explores what it means to be unwell, and how to face the fractures of yourself and still love as if you're not broken.My room used to be upstairs, next to my parents’, but when my mom had my sister, they turned my bedroom into a nursery and banished me belowground. Just kidding. Sort of. There is also the issue in which medication and therapy are painted as obstacles to true love or feeling anything at all. She says so at some point - that if she was on medication still, she couldn't/wouldn't have loved Aldo. I find this deeply troubling but look, books are not real life, we can't extrapolate...but I can't help but dislike this theme of the book.

The last third of the book illustrated love in the form of sex. Therapy in the form of sex. Transcendence in the form of sex. Apology in the form of sex. This normally would not bother me, but between Regan and Aldo, there was sex, obsession, co-dependence and very little else. Do they really love each other? I honestly cannot tell.

They had come halfway around the world to have “an experience.” And yet, there were moments when she felt more ephemeral than ever, when the gaudiness of this experience-hoarding made her all the more unsure of what it meant to be living. I wish all the metaphors from the first half could’ve actually What I didn't love: entirely too much strong language for a YA book, and sometimes I don't love the I hate everyone but you. I hope Lou learns from her mistakes and starts reacting with more kindness towards others (mainly her family and siblings)...I just don't like when rudeness is justified. Now it’s either loan city or scoring a scholarship if I have any chance at affording a private, out-of-state college like USC. I even have some friends on RotR. No one I know in real life, but people in Unarmed Rage, my guild, who I play with several times a week. Online, I’m less awkward. Online, I have control over who I interact with, and I always have an escape route. Unlike in real life.

I always have a hard time reviewing books that I really, really love, so I’ll do my best here. The best parts of All Alone With You are Eloise’s relationship with Austen and her relationship with Marianne.Not really. That’s how we progress as a culture. We change our minds and, little by little, we become something else.” One sec.” Ms. Holiday rests her elbows on the table and props her chin with her hands. “Are you… How’re you doing? Is senior year treating you better than last?”

For Regan and Aldo, life has been a matter of resigning themselves to the blueprints of inevitability—until the two meet. Could six conversations with a stranger be the variable that shakes up the entire simulation? When I’m focused on leveling my rogue, I don’t have to think about going to LifeCare this weekend. I don’t have to think about Lydie and Jordan, best friends forever. I don’t have to think about anything. Because that’s the beauty of video games. You can slip into a different world. You can become someone else. You can be a hero—or a villain. I really think you’ll love LifeCare,” Ms. Holiday says once she realizes I’m not going to reply, and nudges the pamphlet closer. “It’s a great program—”

Each story is like a rich truffle; with an incredible variety of points of view (the latch-kid child, the mother of a mentally challenged child, the father of a teen, the daughter whose mother is dying, the woman with a mental illness, the woman whose husband leaves her for another, the patient attendant at a VA hospital) it is certain that at least one character will strike particularly close to home for every reader. Alone with You is full of dysfunctional relationships, affairs, and cheating. Some characters choose to stay with their partner, and some leave. In “Pond,” Burton muses about “how easy it was to flee from love, about the disaster of choosing loneliness,” (p. 63). In “Leap,” Sheila realizes that “it was possible to be okay and not okay at the same time, that a thing – a dog, say, or love – could only exist alongside the possibility of its absence,” (p. 100). Discuss a few of the couples in the novel, and examine the reasons for their choices. Who do you think ends up happiest? I adored the plot and the growth I saw throughout the book from Eloise. I really felt so much of what she was going through and the doubt that anxiety creates. I loved Marianne and learning her story and just how this entire cast functioned together. Aldo, who was called less frequently by his surname, Damiani, and even less commonly by his birth name, Rinaldo, had rolled a joint five minutes prior to his episode of silent meditation. He was twirling it between his fingers, staring into nothing.

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