Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Combination Filter For Rooms from 15m²-36m² HEPASilent Technology Removes Pollen, Dust, Mould, Bacteria, Viruses Activated Carbon Reduces VOCs, Odours

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Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Combination Filter For Rooms from 15m²-36m² HEPASilent Technology Removes Pollen, Dust, Mould, Bacteria, Viruses Activated Carbon Reduces VOCs, Odours

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Combination Filter For Rooms from 15m²-36m² HEPASilent Technology Removes Pollen, Dust, Mould, Bacteria, Viruses Activated Carbon Reduces VOCs, Odours

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The 411 is whisper silent, energy efficient and the one-button speed control makes it super easy to use. And when you finally have to replace the filter, you don’t have to be an engineer – all you need is one simple twist. It's compact and very light at just 1.5kg so it's easy to carry the thing around. Putting it in the kids' rooms seems like an obvious use for the Blue Pure 411 but I do worry it might not survive the encounter in the long term, unless your children are particularly well behaved, or you put it out of their reach. The size and appearance of the 411 Auto air purifier where, in my opinion, Blueair has hit the spot. First, as a floor-standing air purifier it’s quite compact, which will make it suitable for most spaces. It weighs just 3.8lbs / 1.68kg, too, so is lightweight and easy to move from room to room.

During our tests, our reviewer, Jennifer, found that the Autoreact did a better job of purifying the air rather than cooling it; it took this model some time to bring down the temperature of a room. In fact, by the time the room was showing as having come down in temperature, we no longer needed to be cool/ or we had moved rooms. The 10 speed settings and night time mode were useful for speeding up the cooling and purification of the air, and keeping control of the noise output. In addition to the smokey room test, we also evaluate the unit's CADR or clean air delivery rate. While many companies provide this information in a single number, the Blueair Blue Pure 411 breaks it up into three critical categories of air contamination — these are smoke, dust, and pollen. The 411's CADRs are about average for the class at 105 (Smoke), 120 (Dust), and 120 (Pollen). Noise A broadcaster, raconteur and public speaker, Duncan used to be on telly loads, but an unfortunate incident put a stop to that, so he now largely contents himself with telling people, "I used to be on the TV, you know." We haven’t used the air filter in our kitchen, which is at the other end of the house, so I can’t say how this does for cooking odors. Other reviewers suggest the Blueair works really well though, as long as you move it to the kitchen while cooking. Similarly, it’s hard to tell how effective the Blueair is for VOCs, given that we’re pretty diligent about avoiding these in our home.The value of a particular product is largely based on the cost relative to its performance as compared to other products in the class. Ideally, a product will perform better than its peers while priced at or below the price of comparable products. The Blueair Blue Pure 411 costs far less than the class average, yet its overall performance is at an above-average level. As such, we find that the 411 provides users with a good value. Conclusion When you're choosing the best air purifier for your home, there are a few key things to consider before you buy. Say hello to the Blue family’s smallest and slimmest air purifier, the Blue Pure 411. It contains Blueair’s world-leading filter technology and is designed for rooms up to 15 m² (161 ft²) Just grab it, place it wherever you want, plug it in, and breathe perfectly clean air 24/7.

My first impressions were excellent as this purifier is lightweight (under 4 lbs!), portable, and so easy to set up. The purifier was pretty much ready to go, right out of the box. With one of the two pre-filters already in place, all I had to do was slot the top (white) section of the unit on and turn it to secure the catches. After plugging it in (and reading the manual), I pressed the top center circle to start the purifier. Despite the picture above, there is no way I'd use this in the kitchen if you're doing high-temperature cooking that will produce smoke and oily fumes. Get a more butch air purifier if you're going to do that. Or, you know, turn on the kitchen extractor fan that is there to do that exact job.Super easy one-button control makes it easy to turn your air purifier on and off – and control the operating speed. It also alerts you when it is time to replace the filter, every six months (operating time). We found that it does have a number of small flaws in terms of response times and fan speeds though, and the performance will vary depending on the room size. Unless the air purifier has been specifically designed to purify and cool the air – the Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact, for example – the model will not cool the air.

Yes – air purifiers come with carbon filters that remove the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that cause smells. These could be cooking odors, scented candles or aerosols.

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Carbon filters remove chemical fumes including VOC's, traffic combustion gases, pet odours, tobacco smoke and many more gaseous pollutants.However not all carbon filters are the same. Basic carbon 'sheet' filters are generally lightweight and have little capacity to adsorb these pollutants effectively. On the other hand filters containing actual carbon 'granules' are infinitely more effective and should always be chosen over carbon sheets where the most effective gaseous pollutant removal is required. The Blueair Blue Pure has a 3-stage filtration process that first captures larger particles like dust and pet hair in an external washable pre-filter. The air then moves through a particle filter and activated carbon filter. With arguably better than HEPA technology, this air purifier traps airborne contaminants down to the size of a virus. The Blueair Blue Pure is great for clearing air of: I’m very happy with the overall performance of my Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier. It makes a noticeable difference to the air quality in a room, is easy to use, and has the added bonuses of being a white noise machine, nightlight, and fan.

For bedrooms, hallways, front rooms, parlours and anywhere else you're not setting fire to stuff the Blue Pure 411 seems to do a perfectly good job. The maximum room size recommended by Blueair is 15 m sq which, understandably, is on the small size. As far as I can tell, the warning to change the filter is based on time passed rather than sensing how saturated with allergens, particles and smoke it is, so it's probably wise to keep an eye on it if you're using it in a more polluted area. It’s great to have four operating modes so it can be set depending on what’s going on inside your home or with your allergies. So, for example, if you're a hayfever sufferer you might choose a lower setting in winter when there's not much pollen. Or if you're spring cleaning and dust is flying around as you move furniture, a higher may be required. I would also certainly switch it to Boost if I noticed the air quality light was showing red and indicating that the air was quite polluted. The noise is also really consistent, with no intermittent whirring or such. As such, I’d imagine most people will easily be able to tune it out even while sleeping. I can’t say how it is while watching television, but it seems unlikely to be disruptive. And even if it does muffle the sound a bit, you can always turn it off, put it on low, or move it farther away temporarily. Filter changes and performanceAll of the air purifiers featured in this guide have been tested by the editors on TechRadar. They've been reviewed at home (no labs here) in real-life situations, used daily across a minimum of a two-week time frame. On the standard Everyday setting, the Blue Pure 411 Auto is quiet, measuring just 35dB on the sound meter. In Night mode, its gentle hum is barely noticeable, registering 29dB; chances are, your own breathing will be louder. As expected, the unit is louder in Boost mode at 55dB, but still no noisier than most fans I’ve encountered. A fan that circulates air, or a portable air conditioning unit that actively lowers the temperature, would be the better way to cool the air. Do air purifiers remove smells?

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