The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

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The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

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Medusa's Coil and Others: The Annotated Revisions and Collaborations of H.P. Lovecraft, Volume 2 ( ISBN 978-1-935006-16-9) The Dunwich Horror and Others (9th corrected printing), S. T. Joshi (ed.), 1984. ( ISBN 0-87054-037-8)

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

Excellent collection of Lovecraft's stories, you've got most of his best ones in this collection; but it's such a big and somewhat cumbersome book. THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK is my third most beloved Lovecraft story and also the last one he ever wrote (that we know of). Eschewing the first person for the third limited, Lovecraft treats us to a chilling account of what the protagonist, Robert Blake, discovers when, driven by his penchant for the occult, he decides to go and explore a haunted church in the town of Providence, RI. Here again the writing is on point as Lovecraft knows better than anyone how to create an atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia, playing unashamedly with the fear of the unknown and impending doom. Deeply steeped in the Cthulhu mythos, this story is a prime example of how curiosity can kill a cat.

The Members of the Men's Club of the First Universalist Church of Providence, R.I., to Its President, About to Leave for Florida on Account of His Health [c. 1908–12] THE OUTSIDER is my favorite Lovecraft story bar none. It is also one of his shortest. Written in the first-person narrative (as is often the case in his fiction), it tells of a man (or is it?) who, after having lived as a recluse for what seems like a very long time in his darkened and lifeless castle (or is it?), decides one day to go out into the world and explore. There ensues a series of discoveries––with a devastating although somewhat anticipated reveal––which will seal the narrator’s fate forever. As said, this story is super short but masterfully executed, woven around the themes of loneliness, abnormality and the afterlife. The prose is as it should given the genre––divinely gothic, deliciously verbose and darkly purple. All in all, a masterpiece. The writer is another level that needs to be looked at because it suggests the same infantile and superficial understanding of the world as well. Firstly, there is very limited character development; the attitude of HPL to women is at best ambivalent; exposition is shaky, and HPL had a tin ear for dialogue. The prose is almost exclusively purple--even for his creaky, gothic constructions. No writer or reader will find anything at this level to learn from HPL. The only element of HPL's writing worth the reader's attention is that he may be the first Horror/Science-Fantasy writer to leave the big-bad alive and well and man's position relative to this as tenuous. Essential Solitude: The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth: 1926–1931 ( ISBN 9780979380648)

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection: Classic Tales of Cosmic Horror The H. P. Lovecraft Collection: Classic Tales of Cosmic Horror

I stole the following from /r/lovecraft: "One time, this guy went to a place, and it was SO spooky. But, being a man of science, and of an inquisitive mind, he continued going to the spooky place, and damn was it spooky. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction. To Mr. Kleiner, on Receiving from Him the Poetical Works of Addison, Gay, and Somerville [April 10, 1918] You also have Lovecraft to thank for a raft of awesome boardgames and RPGs, from the classic Call of Cthulhu to Eldritch Horror and Cthulhu Wars. Once I'd gotten halfway through I just started skimming the remaining stories. I'm confident I didn't miss anything because I read them all in the first half.Olmstead meets an old townie called Zadok Allen, who provides an, er, interesting explanation for the town’s peculiarities: that its human inhabitants have devoted themselves to a brutal race of fish-like humanoids known as the “Deep Ones,” who have forced humans to breed with them. Those walking the streets of Innsmouth are the resulting offspring — as they mature, they will grow to resemble the Deep Ones, eventually joining them in their underwater cities. The Shadow Over Innsmouth follows Robert Olmstead, a man who becomes fascinated by the mysterious (sadly fictional) New England hamlet of Innsmouth. As Olmstead embarks on a tour of the town — having heard vague, superstitious warnings from outsiders — he detects something strange about its citizens. Most of whom walk in an odd shambling manner and have unusual facial features, including flat noses and “bulgy, stary eyes.” napomenuti takođe da je u ovu knjigu utkana svaka moguća pažnja, od samog početka odnosno korica knjige, do realističnih i mračnih ilustracija svake priče, preko veoma informativnih beležaka koje Vam upotpunjuju pročitanu priču i na osnovu kojih možete naći filmove i stripove zasnovane na istim. At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels (7th corrected printing), S. T. Joshi (ed.), 1985. ( ISBN 0-87054-038-6)

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