Ivie ivie Bud | in-Home Display Your Smart Meter

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Ivie ivie Bud | in-Home Display Your Smart Meter

Ivie ivie Bud | in-Home Display Your Smart Meter

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Mike Woodhall, CEO, Chameleon Technology added: “To date, as consumers, we have all been passengers on the journey towards Net Zero. However, through the continued evolution of SmartThings Energy, Chameleon Technology is now able to deliver personal smart meter data into the palm of your hand. We are pleased to further our commitment to empowering individuals to make smarter and more informed choices about how to better manage their home energy consumption in support of their personal journey towards their decarbonised future.” For any other IHDs, your supplier should be able to help. All returned IHDs will either be refurbished or safely recycled as far as possible.

The other advantage I see for the Ivie is that by connecting over wifi it can be moved around the house and be much further away from the meter so can be put somewhere more convenient (my current Trio II IHD needs to be within 2 metres). There also appears to be (or going to be) the ability to link to Smartthings app and access the data on mobile or tablet and presumably remotely as well. If you've got a Marcus easy-access savings account or cash ISA, you can easily boost your interest rate to 4.75% – here's how. Enerj’s Infrared Electric panel heater measures 59.5 x 119.5 cm and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or even kept free-standing. It’s totally noise free and the company states it’s up to 70% less costyl than traditional heating systems. Draught excluder Law Enforcement Bodies - sometimes necessary to protect against fraud or aid criminal investigations. Compatible with most SMETS 1 and SMETS 2 smart meters that have been enrolled and adopted into the DCC

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I also genuinely think ivie Bud has potential here. It won’t suit everyone, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone out there who’ll get hold of it and love it. The design of the device is excellent just like the IHD6 (and therefore IHD7) that the ivie Bud is based on, and the menus and screens are well thought out. It’s just a huge shame that Raichu is such a secure meter, otherwise I’m sure I’d have loved ivie Bud. By helping households be more aware of their energy consumption and encourage positive behaviours to reduce energy usage, SmartThings Energy offers a category-defining energy saving service for everyone, irrespective of who their energy provider is.” Live data, coming soon, will drive benefits of SmartThings Energy even further Four hours in, I finally get to play with the device properly, but unfortunately this was short lived and I’ll explain why further down. The short version is that from my hour or two of using the ivie Bud, it was ultimately no different to the IHD6 other than having a built-in temperature sensor and no battery. If you already know how the IHD6 works, then you know how the ivie Bud works. Expert opinion: Energy Saving Trust's Lucy Joss gave us the lowdown on the best devices for saving money on energy bills and what to consider when buying them

The comms hub uses the Home Area Network (HAN) to talk to the electricity, gas and IHD (In Home Display) devices. To save battery power the gas meter communicates only every half-hour and so the comms hub stores a copy of the gas meter data for querying when required. This copy is known as the gas mirror or Gas Proxy (GPF).As usual, if your IHD can only see your electricity readings and not the gas, it's likely loop will only provide your electricity readings. The comms hub uses the Wide Area Network (WAN) to talk to the company responsible for collecting the data and passing it on to other businesses such as suppliers; for the latest SMETS 2 meters this company will be the DCC (Data Communications Company) which the government has set up especially for this role.

The SSE Smart Energy Monitor (manufactured by Onzo) likewise no longer exists and is incompatible with SMETS1 and SMETS2 anyway. You can no longer get those devices from Onzo either because they’re no longer manufactured - and quality issues with the rechargeable batteries you probably don’t want to keep using them anyway. I'm not having a go at eon-next, I'm just making a general observation that the policies around smart meters are something of a farce and go against the perceived reasons for having them. Low / Medium / High Indicators - The IHD compares your current consumption with a recent period (usually the previous week) or the budget you have set, and shows red (high), amber (medium) or green (low) indicators. The below table summarises zero-carbon generation by company demonstrating EDF generating 19.8%. The data supporting the table below and the % values is sourced from a mixture of industry settlement data and the UK government renewable obligation database.The only other use case which I can’t recommend the device at all, is if you’re on Pay As You Go and need to be able to enter UTRN Top-Up Codes if you go off-supply. The ivie Bud will lose power if it’s unplugged from the mains, so you’ll want to keep your existing IHD charged for this purpose or enter the codes directly on your meter. It’s been more than 12 months since I had my IHD, or I accidentally damaged it lost it or it got stolen. What happens now? These great 9-watt bulbs have no warm-up time, and they boast up to 25 years of life. They’re energy efficiency class E and are bayonet cap fitting. 100% of verified Argos shoppers recommend them and they have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, which is pretty near perfect! Smart Radiator Thermostat I don’t think there is a way to fix that until they finish their development. But now I can return the device under the full warranty condition, instead of “unhappy return”. Hardly unbelievable they would get this kind of bug around.

Every 30 minutes the gas meter sends data to the communication hub over the HAN (Home Area Network). Beauty Advent calendars are significantly pricier than chocolate ones, but they've become increasingly popular in the last few years as a way of bagging beauty products at a fraction of the normal cost. They often sell out early, but can also be heavily discounted later if they don't, so here's a round-up of some of the best I’ve seen. Many devices and appliances are marketed as having “smart” or “energy saving” features," said Lucy. "So when comparing models, it’s important to pay attention to the product description and energy label if available. If you're a regular Superdrug shopper, you can now earn more freebies and discounts under its Health & Beautycard loyalty scheme, as the retailer has launched new 'VIP Rewards' as part of it. You need to set up an account through their Bright app initially and wait for verification. See the following documentation:Loop Energy is the name of an App provided free of charge by Trust Power Limited for smart phones that allows you to monitor your electricity and gas energy consumption. Octopus Energy provides a REST API for customers and partner organisations to interact with their platform. Amongst other things, it provides functionality for: If it’s been more than 12 months, the warranty will have expired and I’m afraid you will no longer qualify for a free replacement. You may still have options anyway though, which are detailed further down. Your supplier may also be willing to send a replacement for a small fee so it’s worth asking anyway. Before trying that though, it’s worth seeing if you can self-recover. :) Sure thing! It’s definitely a service we can provide here. 🙂 We’ve got lots of smart meter model guides listed here. If you can’t find a guide that matches your meter type, please post photos of your current meters, Comms Hub and (if you have one) IHD. We’ll be able to use these photos to figure out what you’ve got and can then advise you which options are likely to work. We don’t have a magic crystal ball or x-ray vision though sadly, so there’s no other way for us to identify your meters without photos or a description of the meters.

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