The Rare Record Price Guide 2022

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The Rare Record Price Guide 2022

The Rare Record Price Guide 2022

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This is another very overlooked factor when choosing to sell your record collection or even a single record. If you have a record collecting friend who is going to pay the top price for each record that you have then you might be able to realise every ounce of potential that your collection has. However this is rarely the case and many peoples motivation will be to clear some space from a loft or spare room. Pulling all of the above together it’s clear that valuing your vinyl record collection can be quite a task as there is a lot to consider. It’s having the right combination of the above attributes in your collection that will really help your value increase. As a Record Dealer I love seeing record collections in genres that are in high demand, in beautiful condition and with a few ….(well more merrier) rare/scarce records in them. Those people out there who have severely damaged records by way of one or two very deep scratches, rendering the quality ‘poor’, might still consider selling them because some of us only want the covers and in some cases the inner sleeves where these cannot be replaced by generic inner sleeves! In the 1960’s most of the earlier 1960’s Lp’s sold in Mono around 1966/67 even numbers of Mono and Stereo records were sold and in the late 1960’s most were sold in Stereo. So another great example is the very first issue from 1963 of Please Please Me by the Beatles, it’s worth so much more in Stereo than Mono. One simple reason scarcity, hardly any were sold in Stereo. Move forward 6 years and look at yellow submarine. This sold way more in Stereo than Mono. Which ones worth more… Mono. Again scarcity is what pushed the value up. This is a really major factor in valuing your vinyl records and will catch so many people out believing they have very valuable records when actually the condition will drop the price so far they can sometimes be unsellable! In the UK most record dealers work with the Record Collector Grading system which has 7 tiers. Ranging from Mint through to Bad. In most cases the top 3 levels are what sells, once you get down to a Good grading prices drop dramatically. It’s important to note here that although the condition of the vinyl is very important so is the sleeve and any of it’s inserts. damage to sleeves will also have an impact on the value of your collection.

ANDREW GOLD - You may be acquainted with his deathless MOR hits of the 70s, or even his studio work with the likes of Dylan, Ringo and 10cc. But his 1997 psychedelic epic? Possibly not. Let us enlighten you... Another avenue you might consider is selling your records at an auction house. Possibly a good combination of being able to achieve a high price without all the work. You might be right, but there are still fees here that will be charged for you selling the item. Probably more importantly are the fees that will be charged to the winning bidder. These can be as high as 20% so the winning bidder does need to factor this when bidding. Again it’s all an impact of the value of your record collection. Selling your records in Bulk Many vinyl records can be issued multiple times over a period of many years. Take the Beatles as a great example. They originally issued their LP’s in the 1960’s, there were then re-runs as early as 1969, many issues through the 1970’s and 1980’s and then even special anniversary issues in the 1990’s right up to present day. The issue of the record can have a significant impact on the value that it holds. Boot of car full of record boxes 8. Myths around selling your record collection Q. I have old records they are worth money. What will you pay?It’s the box set of Queen albums “Queen – The Complete Works”. I bought this from a lady who was a massive fan and said she did not play the records as she did not want to spoil them. By looking at them I would say they are unplayed. This is the limited edition with a number of 014189. On close inspection I realised there were 2 of the white sleeves labelled with X. It appears there is no X1. The second X sleeve contains an error vinyl which has on one side Queen 2 (Ogre Battle/ Evermore etc) and the other side has one side of Live Killer ( Don’t stop me now/ Spread Your Wings etc). This appears to be an original factory error. It does mean there is no copy of Flash Gordon which should be the X1 record.

If you are starting out on these platforms you will also need to build trust with your customers before you can achieve the top market value. So selling individually if you have time will potentially reap the biggest reward, but you really do need to give it time. Auction your records COVER STORY - MADNESS - As one of British pop’s most cherished institutions, Suggs, Barso and co continue to defy their own reductive Nutty Boy image with this year’s acclaimed pop opera Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C’est La Vie. But amid all kinds of internal turbulence, it nearly turned out to be the record that tore them apart, they tell RC NEW ALBUMS - Fresh offerings from The Rolling Stones, no less, Duran Duran and King Creosote top the bill of new releases studied, absorbed and assessed It also really important to consider how you want to sell your record collection. There really can be potentially two different values on a record collection. One is the individual selling value and the other is the bulk selling value. What ever type of collection you have I am always keen for you to get in touch. Of course I may want to buy your record collection, but I’m also happy to just offer some advice and options as to what you could do with it depending on your circumstances. Please do get in touch with me here.Record Collector Grading System– Mainly used in the UK as the guide to describing the condition of a record. A. EXCUSE ME! I am of course a record dealer. I will never offer pennies for record collections. Firstly if the offer was to be that low I wouldn’t want to buy them anyway. Record dealers and shops are running a business we need to make a profit. Yes some will be more generous than others. Some may want to pay more for specific genres that they specialise in. Some will be fussier around condition, but if you have desirable records for sale we will want to pay as much as we possibly can for them. I think it’s important to understand the overheads involved in selling on vinyl records and also the amount of work that needs to be done. My motto is that I want to make the process as easy for you as possible whilst being able to offer the best prices. Of course my offers aren’t always accepted, but i’ll give it my best shot and if you aren’t happy with the offer I am always able to offer advice on how you can sell them individually yourself. Conclusion – How much are my vinyl records really worth?

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